Hot Lunches

May Hot Lunches

May Hot Lunches- Needs to ordered by April 24, 2024

Thursday May 2 (Tues/Thur Kindergarten)- Bento Box *

Friday May 10 (Tues/Thur Kindergarten)- Taco Time *

Thursday May 16 (Tues/Thur Kindergarten)- Pasta Day *

Friday May 24 (Mon/Wed Kindergarten)- Papa Jogn's Pizza *

Tuesday May 28 (Tues/Thur Kindergarten)-Booster Juice *

Friday May 31(Mon/Wed Kindergarten)- Hot Dogs *

April Hot Lunches

April Hot lunches- Need to be ordered by March 27, 2024

Friday April 5- (Mon/Wed Kindergarten)-Dominos Pizza *

Friday April 12- (Tues/Thur Kindergarten)-Spill the Beans *

Friday April 26-(Mon/Wed Kindergarten)- Hot Dogs *

Treat Tuesday April 30- White Frog Cafe-Rice Krispie Treat *

Feburary Hot Lunches

Friday Feb 2- (Mon/Wed Kindergarten)-Taco Time *

Thursday Feb 8- (Tues/Thur Kindergarten) - Hot dogs *

Friday Feb 16 - (Tues/Thur Kindergarten )- Papa Johns *

Tuesday Feb 27- Treat Tuesday- Party Chef Chocolate Brownie *

January Hot Lunches 2024

Friday Jan 12 (Tuesday/Thursday Kindergarten)- Hot dogs *

Friday Jan 19 (Mon/Wed Kindergarten)- Driftwood Quesadilla *

Friday Jan 26 (Tuesday/ Thursday Kindergarten) - Pasta Day *

Tuesday Jan 30 -Treat Tuesday -Sugar Cookies *

December Hot Lunches

December's Hot lunch need to be ordered by Nov 22nd by midnight *

Friday Dec 1st -Dominos Pizza (Mon/Wed Kindergarten) *

Thursday Dec 7th - Hot Dogs ( Tues/Thur Kindergarten) *

Tuesday Dec 12th- Treat Day Cinnamon Buns *

Friday Dec 15th - Spill the Beans-Pepperoni pretzel stick/Stuffed Bun-(Tues/Thur Kindergarten) *

Friday Dec 22nd - Lakeshore Diner-Chicken Fingers (Mon/Wed Kindergarten) *


November Hot Lunches

November Hot Lunches need to be ordered by Wednesday October 25 by midnight.

*Friday November 3 -Dairy Queen (Mon/Wed Kindergarten)

*Friday November 17- Driftwood ( Tues/Thurs Kindergarten)

*Thursday November 23- Hot Dogs ( Tues/Thurs Kindergarten)

*Tuesday November 28-Treat Day Cupcakes (Tues/Thurs Kindergarten)

October Hot Lunches 2023-2024

October Hot Lunches Need to be ordered by Wednesday September 27 by midnight.

Thursday October 5 Hot Dogs (T/TH Kindergarten)

Friday October 13 Taco Time (Mon/Wed Kindergarten)

Thursday October 19 Hot dogs (T/Th Kindergarten)

Friday October 27 Panago Pizza ( T/Th Kindergarten)